Local dwellings near the project area

At West African Resources, we value not just what we do, but how we do it.  We believe that, as a company, we are responsible for our actions and we are committed to meaningful engagement with our host communities.  West African values local cultures, customs and traditions and we will at all times behave respectfully toward our stakeholders.




Photo of Philomene Consultation with Peulh Ladies

We participate in open, honest and transparent dialogue with our host communities. We have regular community update meetings and we have partnered with the local authorities and the local communities to for the Sanbrado Gold Project Community Consultation Committee.  We work with government, community organisations and NGOs to develop and support community development projects and we work to enhance social values in the regions where we operate by providing education, training and community development opportunities.


Photo of well at resettlement site

We will actively support our host communities in the areas of health, safety and environment to provide meaningful, enduring benefits. Since 2016, we have built and equipped two schools and 17 wells for the benefit of our host community. We’ll be partnering with the community and the local authorities to implement our Community Development Plan, making sure that the benefits of our project flow to the community through the life of mine and beyond.



West African maintains a confidential grievance mechanism that is available free of charge to any person who wishes to access it. We address grievances in a fair, timely and consistent manner.


At West African Resources, we are committed to minimising any potential impacts and preserving the natural values of the areas where we operate.  We believe that good environmental management requires science-based identification, assessment and management of risks across all stages of the mining life cycle, from exploration through development, operations and closure.  We will ensure that any impacts arising from our operations are managed appropriately and transparently.  To achieve this, we employ people with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide environmental leadership and to ensure that we meet our performance obligations.

Nakambe River

Water availability is hugely important in Burkina Faso. We will partner with our stakeholders to find solutions to local water challenges, take steps to limit our impacts on local surface water access and supply, management of extreme climatic events, and will work to balance the competing interests of agricultural, social, cultural and ecological water users.  We undertake environmental monitoring activities to identify any impacts on the surface and groundwater surrounding our projects and will take all action necessary to mitigate and rectify any negative impacts.  We actively seek out water efficiency opportunities and will recycle water wherever possible.

West African staff working with locals planting trees

We are committed to managing the effects of our activities on our host community.  We monitor air quality impacts and will implement dust control measures on operating areas and haul roads.  West African will manage noise and vibration arising as a result of mining activities. West African Resources is committed to protecting and promoting biodiversity in the regions where we operate.  The company has implemented a tree planting programme to replace vegetation cleared throughout the life of the mine.


Mine Access Road

West African will undertake progressive mine rehabilitation throughout the life of the project to ensure the best possible post-closure outcomes for the environment and the community.  Adequate provision will be made during operations to cover the cost of all closure activities, including post-closure performance monitoring.